Sugar Daddy Dating Is a Lifestyle, NOT Prostitution

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship is an arrangement between two people; usually between a mature, wealthy man and an attractive younger woman. The relationship is mutually beneficial because both parties are pleased with the arrangement. Typically, the older man gives the younger attractive woman expensive gifts and financial assistance in return for companionship and intimacy. Sugar daddy dating, a mutually beneficial relationship is not prostitution because the relationship is ongoing and doesn't involve sex immediately. The relationship grows as the two people involved get to know one another.

Sugar Daddy Dating -- a Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Most often, wealthy mature men seek the company of young and attractive college students. At the same time, most of the college students search for experienced, sophisticated partners- especially those who can give them certain comforts, luxuries and provide them with financial backing. Throughout history, powerful men have had courtesans or concubines. It is human instinct to be attracted to beauty, and likewise wealth and power. Today, in the world of mutually beneficial arrangements, slang exists to define the participants. Typically, a wealthy older male is known as a Sugar Daddy. The young woman who provides intimacy and companionship in return for gifts and financial assistance is a Sugar Baby.

How to Meet and Keep a Wealthy Man

The lifespan of a mutually beneficial relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby depends on the chemistry between them and how beneficial it is for each of them. The relationship could last a few months, a few years, or forever. The trick to being a sugar baby is to have more than one sugar daddy. Of course, this must be your secret. Never let them know they are not the only one and don't take on too many that you can't give any of them adequate attention.

As a sugar baby, your lifestyle will improve from financial assistance and lovely material things, but you can also expect to find a mentor and a friend in your sugar daddy. If he is a sugar daddy, he is likely very successful and has grand advice and information for you to apply to your own life. You won't be young forever so heed his words and make sure the arrangement is going to help you improve your life so that, in the long term, you can take care of yourself without relying on anyone else.

A good sugar daddy will be a man seeking arrangement with the willingness to give his sugar baby financial assistance. You choose your sugar daddy based on his ability. Some are very wealthy, and others are just well off. Be sure you talk about your arrangement before you start spending regular time together. He knows that holding up his end of the deal is crucial in maintaining the relationship and you need to be clear about your expectations of him.


Once you find your sugar daddy, keep him by knowing what he wants and seeking arrangement which are safe for you. Some only want companionship which doesn't necessarily mean sex. When you find someone you like to be with, you need to focus solely on him. Act like he's the only man in the world for you. Make eye contact, flirt, smile, listen, ask questions, and get him to feel special. That will make the cash flow out of your sugar daddy's wallet!